Tiffany is one of the top magicians in the UK. Her passion for magic started from a very young age and has grown throughout the years. Tiffany got brought up in a household full of magic, so it was just in her genes! She is determined to prove that magic isn't just performed by men and break down the stigma attached to it.


Tiffany is an exceptional performer and close up magician but she also has an incredible stage show. She specialises in digital magic, where she has mastered the art of manipulation involving the guests phone or tablet and can even unlock it in seconds.

Tiffany is a well established magician and has performed all over the UK including Corporate Events. If you're looking for entertainment that is going to leave your guests with the complete WOW factor then Tiffany is the person for you!

You can book Tiffany for your event where she can perform close up magic, her cabaret stage show, or even both!


 Close up magic...

Tiffany's close up magic is absolutely mind blowing!

If you have an event where not everyone knows each other then this is the perfect package to break the ice! Tiffany makes her way around the guests showing off all her tricks leaving them all talking and wondering how on earth she did it! Not only that, Tiffany can fit to whatever you want, if you have a certain style of magic that you like then Tiffany can do that just for you!

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 Cabaret stage show...

Tiffany's Cabaret show is perfect if you love audience interaction and are looking to blow everyones mind!

No matter what event you hire Tiffany for, all your guests will be  engaged with her performance and she is guaranteed to bring an amazing high energy atmosphere . Tiffany will mix comedy in with her stage performance leaving everyone completely AMAZED.

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So if you're looking to completely wow your guests and host an event to remember then you should Book Tiffany!

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